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Quermback is Hiring!

Family owned electrical wholesale business operating in Buffalo, NY for 99 years is looking to fill two sales positions: an entry level inside sales and experienced inside/outside sales to work Monday through Friday.

Inside Industrial Sales
Candidate's responsibilities will include directly assisting existing customers with the best solution to their needs, asking the right questions, doing any necessary research, expediting the order and if necessary troubleshooting. Strong people skills with ability to think outside the box will be beneficial. Any electrical background would be helpful.

Inside/Outside Sales
We are looking for a candidate with some Electrical Engineering Background for an opening in our Power Distribution and Motor Control Department. Candidate must be detail oriented, able to review technical drawings and work with both customers and vendors. The position is mainly inside sales but does require outside representation as needed.

401(k), life and health insurance

Send resume and salary expectations to info@quermback.com

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Dead car battery got you down and out?  No need to wait for AAA or carry around a clunky battery charger that can take time waiting to power up.  The new NOCO genius BOOST lithium-ion battery charger will solve all your problems!  Small enough to fit in the glove box and powererful enough to jump start your dead battery over 20 times without recharging!  The genius BOOST holds over 70% of it's charge for over a year, great to just throw in glove box for the peace of mind it can offer.  Worried about safety?  The genius BOOST is ultra-safe, only delivering power if it is connected properly to the battery.

If that wasn't enough, the genius BOOST charger also is a USB charger, able to charge your smartphone, camera, tablet, ect.  All you need is the cord!  Recharging can be done through a USB car charger and takes only 3 hours for a full charge.

The genuis BOOST is in stock now at Quermback, call now to get yours!  Check out the "how-to" video link below or in our video section on our website!


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Encore Pull Pro

Lighter, Straighter, Faster.....It's Just That Simple


Check out the many features of the Encore Pull Pro that makes a wiring job quick and easy!  From ready to pull containers that can stack to features that guarentee a smooth, easy pull with no fear of tangle or unwinding!  Quermback is now stocking the 12AWG THHN in most standard colors.  Call today for a money and labor saving quote!

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